What I Do

Agency & Consultancy

I have held roles with several digital agencies, including Technical Director of innovative game design agency Hide&Seek and freelance TD roles at Nerv and Pleo.

Recent engagements include Agile consultancy, training and project management for consultancies Nous and FutureGov Australia, and development work for clients including Eastwood, Waterwheel and The Voxel Agents.

Game Development

Over a decade of experience in the games industry with senior management positions at a number of notable studios, including Technical Director of King's London studio and founding a new London studio for NaturalMotion.

I was one of the original developers at Facebook gaming startup Playfish, later acquired by Electronic Arts.

I can sometimes be found exploring new game projects at The Arcade.


A small selection of some of the dozens of games, apps and other projects I've been involved in.

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